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At Penny Insurance Agency, we understand that while the size and scope of your business may be unique, your insurance needs are straightforward—so we’ll find you specialty insurance plans with options you need and coverage you can afford.

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Wherever you are with your business, you deserve to be covered and protected. Do you have questions about a service or industry that’s not listed here? Contact us today for a free quote. We will be happy to assist you in finding a customized solution.

Our Specialty Insurance Solutions

Religious Institution Insurance

Insuring a Church or other Religious Organization is much like insuring a business. However, churches present exposures that other businesses do not. For instance:

Churches utilize volunteers more than employees.

Churches often sponsor other non-profits and allow church facilities and resources to be used by them.

Churches often inherit valuables, land, buildings and other property that requires specialized insurance.

Churches can be held to cannon law and/or doctrines which can present liability exposures if not adhered to.

Penny Insurance Agency represents several top rated insurance companies that offer specialized expertise in insuring Religious Institutions. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of the particular church, synagogue or other religious organization. Coverage includes property, liability and crime. Other coverage options available including property, building and contents, extra expenses, loss of earnings, property of clergy, crime (employee dishonesty), equipment breakdown, natural disaster (earthquake, flood, inland marine floaters), fine art, musical instruments and other property, pastor’s tenant homeowners, liability, church members and employees, ministers, church officials, volunteers, church-sponsored activities, personal injury (including medical payments), fire legal liability, pastoral counseling, Directors & Officers Liability, non-owned and hired autos, sexual misconduct or molestation, cemetery professional, employee benefits, employment practices, teachers professional and more.

Contractor’s Insurance

You’re a builder, not an architect or designer. Your general liability covers anything you need, right? Wrong.

As more and more contractors perform design-build work, their exposure dramatically increases. Even if you’re not performing “design-build” work, you are likely part of a collaborative team that consults on design, management of the construction site, and management of subcontractors. Contractor’s professional liability policies were developed to address contractors’ unique design liability exposures and coverage needs, including direct design liability. Coverage can be written on an annual basis to cover all of a contractor’s operations or on a project-specific basis to cover a contractor’s design liability on a specific project.

Don’t wait until an accident or design misstep happens. Call us today to make sure you’re covered.

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