At Penny Insurance Agency, we offer comprehensive agribusiness insurance for a variety of agricultural operations through Chubb® Agribusiness. We are able to customize coverage to suit farm owners' unique needs and exposure to risks, and are licensed to insure in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas to better serve our clients.

We’ve compiled the key things you need to know when considering agribusiness insurance for your property.

What is Chubb Agribusiness Insurance?
Chubb Agribusiness exists to protect commercial agricultural institutions and farm and ranch property risk coverages in rural America. The target classes of what Chubb coverage covers include commercial feed, grain, and fertilizer manufacturers, processors and distributors, as well as farm and ranch coverage for equine, hobby, and crop institutions.

What Type of Farms Can Chubb Agribusiness Insurance Cover?
We can offer coverage for equine operations, hobby farms, dairy farms, small to mid-sized hog confinements, hay operations vegetable, fruit, and nut operations, and grain and other crop farms.

What Risks Does Chubb Agribusiness Insurance Cover?
Coverage needs can vary depending on whether the institution is commercial or non- commercial, but we cover risks associated with dwellings, farm buildings, recreational vehicles, hay, machinery and other equipment, automobile and farm trucks, and livestock.

Can Coverage be Customized?
Yes, we can customize your coverage to your property’s specific needs. We offer 3 levels of coverage– Standard, Select, and Select Plus, and can further customize plans considering liability limits and coverages, extended replacement cost, replacement costs- contents, pollutant cleanup and removal, farm extra expense, livestock care, custody and control.

What Does Chubb Agribusiness Equine Insurance Cover?
We understand the unique risks equestrian operations and institutions face and our goal is to thoroughly understand your property and offer unique coverage for your peace of mind.

In the event a claim needed to be filed, Chubb Equine Agribusiness Coverage protects against risks included liability, tack, hay, feed, dwellings and content, umbrella coverage, recreational vehicles, barns and outbuildings, automobiles and farm trucks, specifically scheduled items of value, and machinery and equipment.

In addition, Agribusiness Equine Insurance can be customized further to cover scenarios such as increased liability limits and coverages, replacement cost coverage available for dwellings, household, personal property and farm buildings, farm extra expense, farm continuation coverage, extended replacement cost, livestock care, custody and control, tack away from premises, stable liability, riding academy liability, boarding liability, and shows and competition liability. We also offer increased coverage with two equine endorsements for owned tack equipment, signs and gates, hay in buildings, computer equipment, tack equipment in care, custody or control, rental reimbursement for horse transportation, rented golf carts, and newly acquired terrain vehicles.

We understand the daily commitments you make for your farm, and we are here to protect what matters most to you.

Why Should I Consider Chubb Agribusiness Insurance?
If you own an agricultural institution, you understand the dedication, commitment, and resources it takes to run your operation. The risks associated with farms, ranches, and agricultural properties can be very high, we are here to ease your worries with comprehensive coverage. At Penny Insurance Agency, we don’t take protecting what matters most to you lightly. Give us a call today to discuss if Chubb Agribusiness Insurance is right for you.