Tips for a Safe and Successful Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is the “kick off” of the holiday season, full of gatherings with family and friends, eating delicious home-cooked food, and a highlight for serious shoppers on Black Friday. Unfortunately, it is also one of the seasons with the highest accidents. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the holidays right around the corner, we’ve compiled the most common risks that occur during this time of year and how to steer clear liability disasters this season.

Keep an Eye on the Turkey

Did you know that turkeys are the top cause of house fires? To add to this staggering statistic, Thanksgiving is the peak day for cooking fires, more than any other day of the year. U.S. fire departments fought 1,570 home cooking fires in 2016 alone on Thanksgiving Day.¹ Home cooking fires are also the leading cause of fire deaths during this season. Make sure to keep an eye on your turkey as well as other dishes. It may be easy for food dishes to be put on the “backburner” when friends and family are visiting, but be sure to check your food periodically to reduce the risk of a house fire. For your peace of mind, verify that your home insurance policy has thorough coverage so that you can fully enjoy your holiday and feast.

Limit Liability Mishaps

Between tipsy guests, steaming dishes, red-hot stovetops, and backyard football games, there are many things that could cause a liability mishap. If a guest gets burned from hot dishes, breaks an arm from a backyard football game, or causes harm to himself or others from drinking too much, you could be held responsible for legal fees, medical fees, and more. Limit the exposure to potential risks and be sure to also keep an eye on younger guests, as children can also be involved or be the cause of common mishaps. Protect yourself from a liability catastrophe by ensuring you have exhaustive liability insurance in case a mishap happens at your home.²  

Drive Safely 

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the craziest weekends on the road throughout the entire year. In fact, car accidents spike 20% on Thanksgiving Day and 34% on Black Friday.³  Granted, most accidents during this weekend occur in parking lots because of the holiday shopping rush, but they can still happen out on the roads and be serious or fatal. If you’re braving the rush and shopping during this time, be extra careful on the roads and make sure your car insurance is comprehensive in case an accident was to happen. In addition, if you are traveling to visit friends or family, be wary of increased traffic and plan your routes ahead of time. For extra protection and peace of mind, insure your trip with one of our agents today. 

Keep these potential mishaps in mind this Thanksgiving season. If you’re unsure of what your insurance policies cover, we are happy to help. Give us a call or fill out our contact form contact form today. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.