Most families have items that hold special meaning to them, whether its heirlooms passed down from generation to generation or high-value possessions. When it comes to protecting these prized belongings, safe storage space is key. Art, jewelry, and fine china are a few examples of valuables that need to be stored in special conditions; and to be kept in pristine condition, each of these collectibles require special care.

Fine Art

Some of the best artwork is hidden safely away to preserve the natural beauty of the piece. Art can easily be damaged and the most common risks include tears, smudges, stains, and even fingerprints. To protect your art from the elements over time, minimize direct contact with the piece as much as possible. This may mean storing it away from prying hands and animals or setting up a barrier or protective covering. If you do choose to store it, you have several options to ensure its quality. You can wrap the piece in plastic or place it in a Styrofoam box as both options will keep your art safe from outside contact. Your art’s storage space should be dry and kept at a consistent temperature to promote longevity.

Fine Jewelry

From engagement rings to grandma’s vintage pearls, all of the precious gems, stones, and metals that make up jewelry collections should be cared for accordingly. For pieces you wear every day, you can protect them from tarnishing or wear and tear by placing them in a softly- lined jewelry box. The box’s cushion can prevent scratches from occurring accidentally when the pieces are placed in their secure home. If you own high-value jewelry that is only worn on special occasions, then it needs to be kept in a more secure location. Safes and lockboxes are good options, and they should be placed in hidden locations to keep thieves out.

Fine China

Fine China is often only used on rare occasions, so that means it can be stored for lengths of time between uses. If this is the case with your fine china, keeping it stored in the right conditions can be the difference between damaged pieces and usable ones. If your china isn’t stored within the safety of a suitable display cabinet, the alternative is to place it in specialty storage bins. These types of bins are available from several major retailers and can ensure your china stays in good condition. The other option would be to use regular storage boxes. If this is the case, your priority should be to wrap all of the china individually and make sure they are placed securely in the box. Labeling the boxes correctly is also a crucial step, as a worst-case scenario could be mishandling a box that is improperly labeled.

Possessions can be considered high-value because of price or sentimental value. Either way, it’s important they are protected in all possible ways, and that includes insuring them. At Penny Insurance Agency, we understand that your high-value assets need to have the proper coverage for your ultimate peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our customized plans for valuable items.