There’s a reason fall is a favorite season for many. With crisp air, changing leaves, warm sweaters and sweet treats, there’s a lot to love. Even with these great things, there are some dangers that drivers need to be aware of to stay safe this season. There are unique challenges that come with navigating the roads in the fall, but there are also ways to stay vigilant and to avoid accidents.

With the cooler weather comes hazardous driving conditions. Rainy fall days may be nice to spend inside close by a warm fire, but there are times when you’ll need to brave the rain. Driving in wet conditions adds an extra threat, especially when paired with the fallen leaves. Leaves can make the roads even more slick and cover important road markings and potholes, so you should take extra precaution when driving through wooded areas. If you do happen to start sliding on leaves or a wet road, you may be hydroplaning. To counteract your car while hydroplaning, it’s important that you stay calm and take your foot off the gas pedal.

Fall leaves may create ice-like conditions on the road, but don’t let that stop you from keeping an eye out for actual frosty patches, too. Frost can easily form on cars and on the road overnight. When driving to work or school in the morning, be careful on parts of the road that are shaded or on bridges, as frost is common in those areas. If your windows or mirrors are frosted over, take extra time before leaving to defrost them. An additional tip for those driving in the early morning or late evening is to be aware of fog. Fog can set it quickly and can impair your view of the road. Instead of using high beams to combat fog, switch on your low beams.

By this time of year, most kids across the country have officially started a new school year. This means school traffic, whether by parents or buses, is filling the roads. The roads are busy and drivers need to be aware of the conditions that heavy traffic creates. To avoid feeling rushed on your commute, try to leave for your destination earlier. By factoring in a little extra time for traffic, you may not feel as stressed by all of the cars on the road. With school buses, make sure to leave ample space on the road. If a school bus is stopped and has its stop sign out, abide by state laws and do not pass. Additionally, watch out for children coming and going near school bus stops.

Another thing to watch out for early in the morning and during evenings is wildlife. Fall marks migrating and mating season for deer, so expect to see more of them on the road during these hours. If you do happen to come across a deer, slow down and try to avoid swerving on the road. Swerving in this instance may cause you to hit something worse, like a tree or another driver.

Overall, fall brings many hazardous driving conditions, but none that can’t be avoided with vigilance and cautious driving. Taking these precautions can make all the difference. By getting adequate auto insurance, you have an additional layer of security if something were ever to happen on the road. At Penny Insurance Agency, we want to give you the best coverage possible. Contact us today to learn more about the options available for auto insurance.