As summer winds down, a backyard barbecue is the perfect way to celebrate Labor Day and to end the season. Getting together with a group of friends and family to enjoy some good food and quality time can be a great way to combat the blues of fall starting. The weather will start to cool soon enough, but don’t let the fact that this may be your last barbecue outside for a while overshadow the safety precautions that should be taken.

When grilling out, there are some standard safety tips to remember before, during, and after you’re finished. Prior to lighting the grill, make sure it is located in a safe space. You don’t want it to be near any overhanging trees, low branches, or flammable structures. While the grill is lit and you’re cooking food, don’t leave it unattended and be sure children and pets stay a safe distance away. Wearing and using the proper equipment, like aprons and long-handled utensils, can also save you from potential grease burns. Once you’re finished using the grill, wait for it to cool, but afterwards, be proactive and clean it. If you’re using coals, dispose of them properly in a metal container. 

Beyond the grill, barbecues are about enjoying company with loved ones and new friends. While décor and seating are definitely components to making your backyard hospitable, the safety aspect is just as important. If you’ve been gardening and planting, make sure any holes are filled to prevent unaware guests from potentially tripping. Any power tools or equipment should be stored away too, especially if there are children present who may think these tools are toys. As a general safety precaution, check your yard for any potentially poisonous plants. Poison ivy can easily creep up and present an unwanted pest in your backyard. 

A backyard barbecue can be a fun time to hang out and enjoy good company and food. The safety precautions may seem minimal, but they are important for protecting your family, friends, home, and yard. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your backyard barbecue is fun and safe. Even by proactively following these tips, having insurance can give you an additional safety net to rely on and help with your peace of mind. 

At Penny Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of quality time and quality food. We also realize that staying safe over the summer shouldn’t have to be something you’re constantly worried about. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help insure your home this summer and all the seasons after it.