Vacation houses, whether nestled in the mountains or along the coastline, are a home away from home. They can provide much-needed getaways for people looking to relax in a space that’s still comfortable and familiar to them. But what about those months when you can’t get away to your vacation home, and it’s just sitting there empty? The threat of burglaries or maintenance accidents can linger in the back of your head. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ease your state of mind. 

  1. Install Security Cameras

In this age of digital technology, there is no shortage of companies or products that can protect your vacation home from intruders. One option is to hire a reputable security company that can install cameras and other security measures in and around your home. In most cases, not only will you receive an intruder alert, but the local police and security company will be alerted as well. 

Alternatively, there is the option to install your own cameras and equipment. By doing so, you have the ability to completely monitor any activity at your vacation home. 

  1. Create a Lived-In Look

Burglars are less inclined to break into a house that has occupants. While you may not actually be at the house, there are things you can do make it seem like you are, such as not letting your lawn and garden grow out of control. Hiring a landscaping service to come every so often will help your yard look well-maintained. In addition to a security system, you can also install automatic lights that come on at certain times. The lights will make it seem as if people are coming and going instead of it being dark and empty all the time. Lastly, cancel any mail or newspaper services that may be delivered to your vacation home. The look of piled-up mail and papers is a giveaway to potential robbers that a home is empty. 

  1. Lock It Up

Having extra keys to your vacation home can be helpful for you, but they can also be a liability if left unattended. Spare keys can often be found in common hiding spots, like under a plant or mat, and those are usually the first places someone who plans on breaking in will look. Instead, you could give your spare key to a trusted neighbor or place it in a lock box with an access code. In addition to keeping your keys safe, also keep your locks secure. Change out your locks periodically, and before you leave your vacation home, double check all of your windows and doors to make sure they are secure. 

Your vacation home should be a haven to retreat to when you want to getaway. It shouldn’t be a place that comes with constant worry. At Penny Insurance Agency, our agents will work with you to customize the best plan to protect this hard-earned asset. Contact us today to find out more about what makes Penny the best insurance partner for you.