Your relationship with your insurance agent is important, and, like any good relationship, communication is essential. The Insurance Information Institute encourages you to speak to your insurance agent at least once a year in order to ensure all of your coverage needs are being met.*

Keep us up to date with major life events, including:

  • Marriage/Divorce
    • Both home and auto insurance may be affected by your marital status. Young couples in their 20’s could see as high as a 20-26% decrease in car insurance premiums after saying their “I do’s.” In contrast, several common insurance plans can be viewed as assets in a marriage and are important to regulate during divorce settlements. Additionally, you may find that a different policy may better suit your needs once you are single.
  • A child being born, beginning to drive, or moving out of the household
    • The birth of a child is a significant landmark in life. Like you, we want your little one to have access to top-of-the-line health insurance. Typically, parents are encouraged to notify insurance agents of an additional child within 30 days of birth. It is paramount that your child receives essential health benefits, such as newborn, pediatric, and preventative care.
    • Beep, beep: student driver coming through! Whether your child is borrowing the family wagon or has recently gotten a new ride of his/her own, members of a household who intend to drive must be insured under a single household policy. Moreover, each family car must be insured, as well.
    • Could it really be possible that your child is leaving home to navigate the world alone? It can be difficult to determine when to discontinue coverage for an aging child. Our professionals can help guide you through your options based on your family’s unique situation.
  • Treating yourself to fun new purchases
    • Have you decided you’re born to ride? Maybe you splurged on an RV or ATV to enjoy nature in a novel way, or you’re planning on spending the upcoming summer on your new boat. Penny Insurance offers exceptional insurance coverage on all of your unique modes of transportation.
  • A loved one in need of long-term care
    • As we age, our needs (and roles) change. If you believe your loved one is in need of long-term care, we have policies that cover in-home services, nursing homes, and assisted living. Even if care is not needed immediately, call an agent to determine a plan and discuss options for the future.
  • The addition of a pet
    • As “man’s best friend,” we want the best for our beloved pets. At Penny Insurance, we offer insurance covering injury and illness of your pet, as well as treatments by veterinarians and other specialists.
  • Other significant purchases
    • When in doubt, call an agent to discuss the viability of insuring your latest investment.

Catching up with your insurance agent ensures timely and efficient service, as well as the opportunity to learn about our latest policy updates, potential discounts, and helpful insurance tips. Call us today to rekindle your relationship with your agent!