With October 31 quickly approaching next week, the Halloween craze has certainly set in. Decorations have popped up in every corner, carved pumpkins are on the front porch, fake tombstones and witches in the yard, skulls on the ground…it really is quite a scary site. However, the monsters, costumes and decorations aren’t the only things you should be afraid of during Halloween. Liability issues should also be a major concern. Listed below are just a few reasons why you should ensure that your insurance policies are prepared to handle any horrors that may present themselves.*

  • Decorations
    • With all the decorations lying in the yard, it’s only a matter of time before a child trips on something and hurts himself. Some of the more popular Halloween costumes for kids are princesses, witches or super heroes. Most of these costumes involve capes, masks, or even full-body suits which are sometimes too big, which can cause a child to trip walking up the steps to retrieve candy. According to Moneytips, the liability portion of your homeowner’s policy will generally cover these types of accidents. However, it is important that you remove any potential danger or threat from your walkway on which a child could trip and get injured. If your decorations present a danger to trick-or-treaters, your insurance may not cover the damages.
  • Dogs
    • It is important to note that although your dog may be very friendly to you or other people it knows well, children can often startle dogs, especially at night, which could lead to them biting out of fear. Dogs are especially afraid of loud noises and generally get scared or protective when they see a large group of people approaching on their territory. Stressed or nervous pets are more inclined to bite and scratch, and hearing loud and excited kids dressed in many different types of strange costumes coming to the front door will surely startle the dogs. So, for the sake of the neighborhood children, and your liability insurance premiums, be sure to restrain and confine your pets on Halloween. Keeping them away from children in a crate, for example, will prevent severe liability risks for homeowners.
  • Accidental Fires
    • Candles certainly do create a spooky atmosphere for Halloween, but they are also a huge liability issue for homeowners. During this night, you will often see candles lining the pathway to the front door or they will be lighting up jack-o-lanterns. This spooky effect is also a safety factor, but ironically, lit candles pose an enormous risk for these people. Generally, a homeowner’s policy will cover repairs and living expenses during the repair period, unless the fire was caused irresponsibly or on accident. To prevent accidental fires, LED lights come highly recommended.

It is important that your insurance policies are ready for any potential liability issues that can occur this Halloween. If you are not exactly certain what your homeowner insurance policy covers, contact us at Penny Insurance because we can help you. Give us a call today to connect with an agent to discuss your coverage options.