Time for Your Annual Review Check-Up!

Time for Your Annual Review Check-Up!

Welcome 2018! The new year has officially arrived which means many of you have dedicated yourself with a newfound resolve to get your life in order. Usually that focus is on our finances, health and fitness or getting organized in the home and office, but let’s not forget about our insurance policies. It is just as important to make sure your insurance coverage is protecting everything you think it is as it is knowing you’ve established a legitimate financial plan for the year or taken control of your health. Take the time to sit down with your agent to have an annual review. It never hurts to make sure your policies’ needs and coverage have not changed.

We experience many changes over throughout a year which is exactly why annual reviews are so important. For example, people buy new cars, add on to or renovate homes, change jobs and kids get iPhones and tablets. These occurrences, and more, can affect the exposure to risk an individual, business or family faces.

Meeting with your agent provides the opportunity to ensure that your insurance coverage is keeping up with your life. It also provides the client an opportunity to better understand his/her coverage, how it works and to make sure he/she is able to take advantage of all the discounts to which he/she may be entitled.

Your coverage needs from when you first purchased an insurance policy to what you need now can change over time. If you purchased a homeowner’s policy when you moved into a house, your needs have probably changed as your family has grown and the home has experienced either wear and tear or undergone upgrades. Or maybe someone has developed an illness in your family and needs a more comprehensive health insurance plan. Do not let a simple oversight cost you in a big way down the road.

Furthermore, annual reviews always address a particularly important item—contact information. We have had many cases where our clients have cancelled their landline phone and never provide us with their cell number. It is critical that your insurance provider know every possible way of communicating with you; this includes cell phone number, landline, email address, etc.

Another purpose of the annual review is to strengthen the relationship between the client and agent. It helps to build trust, and you want to establish a good rapport with whomever is helping you to protect your most valuable assets. At Penny Insurance, we prioritize having a strong, trusting relationship with our clients as it enables us to better serve them.

An annual review does not have to be a time consuming or exhaustive process—think of it as a check-up. If you are especially pressed for time, simply schedule a call with your insurance agent for overview of your policies. Keep in mind any major changes you have experienced over the year and ask your agent if those changes would be covered or affect your policies in any way. If they do, discuss your best options moving forward to ensure you are fully covered. A simple conversation can have a significant impact in protecting what you value most.

Whether you have specific questions about your policies or simply wish to discuss coverage options, Penny Insurance Agency’s experienced team is ready to work alongside you. Start your year off on the right foot and avoid any unexpected insurance surprises. Contact us today to get started.