Pack your bags everyone; it is time to travel! Everyone loves the opportunity to fly the skies and get away from their daily routines for a little bit. Whether it is a family vacation or business trip, traveling is always a new, unpredictable adventure. With all the memories, pictures and great times traveling encourages, there are also a few risks associated with heading out on a new adventure. For example, you or your travel companion may get sick and have to come home early; you have to cancel your flight due to inclement weather or a work related issue; your luggage is lost or stolen—the list goes on and on. Fortunately, there is travel insurance:

Most Common Issues That Come with Traveling:
Travel insurance can cover cancellations, medical expenses, evacuations, loss or delays along with 24/7 assistance. When traveling, there are many risks that simply cannot be controlled. Travel insurance is an easy fix, allowing you to enjoy your trip and giving you peace of mind.

What Travel Insurance Specifically Covers:
While the most basic coverage includes cancelled trips, medical emergencies abroad, emergency evacuations, lost or delayed bags and/or flights and lastly, phone assistance 24/7 worldwide, additional coverage can provide life insurance coverage for accidental death, hazardous sports for activities like SCUBA diving, rental car collisions to replace your personal insurance or the rental company policy, and identity theft.

Travel Insurance is the Easiest Fix:
No one wants to think about travel insurance when they are getting ready for an upcoming trip. Everyone should carry some form of health or property insurance while traveling. No matter how put together your itinerary is or what preventative measures you have taken, there are inevitably things that come up that cannot be controlled. Without insurance, those issues could cost you thousands of dollars.

We understand that travel insurance can be pretty confusing for new travelers. Just like any insurance plan, you should understand the coverage that travel insurance will provide you. Our agents want to help you and are always here if you have any questions. Here at Penny Insurance Agency, we are committed to exceeding all your insurance expectations and ensuring our customers are properly covered. The first step to having a carefree travel experience is making sure you are covered. We specialize in protecting you and your loved ones. Keep yourself protected while traveling this summer by contacting Penny Insurance Agency today.