Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Pack your bags everyone; it is time to travel! Everyone loves the opportunity to fly the skies and get away from their daily routines for a little bit. Whether it is a family vacation or business trip, traveling is always a new, unpredictable adventure. With all the memories, pictures and great times traveling encourages, there are also a few risks associated with heading out on a new adventure. For example, you or your travel companion may get sick and have to come home early; you have to cancel your flight due to inclement weather or a work related issue; your luggage is lost or stolen—the list goes on and on. Fortunately, there is travel insurance:

Most Common Issues That Come with Traveling:
Travel insurance can cover cancellations, medical expenses, evacuations, loss or delays along with 24/7 assistance. When traveling, there are many risks that simply cannot be controlled. Travel insurance is an easy fix, allowing you to enjoy your trip and giving you peace of mind.

What Travel Insurance Specifically Covers:
While the most basic coverage includes cancelled trips, medical emergencies abroad, emergency evacuations, lost or delayed bags and/or flights and lastly, phone assistance 24/7 worldwide, additional coverage can provide life insurance coverage for accidental death, hazardous sports for activities like SCUBA diving, rental car collisions to replace your personal insurance or the rental company policy, and identity theft.

Travel Insurance is the Easiest Fix:
No one wants to think about travel insurance when they are getting ready for an upcoming trip. Everyone should carry some form of health or property insurance while traveling. No matter how put together your itinerary is or what preventative measures you have taken, there are inevitably things that come up that cannot be controlled. Without insurance, those issues could cost you thousands of dollars.

We understand that travel insurance can be pretty confusing for new travelers. Just like any insurance plan, you should understand the coverage that travel insurance will provide you. Our agents want to help you and are always here if you have any questions. Here at Penny Insurance Agency, we are committed to exceeding all your insurance expectations and ensuring our customers are properly covered. The first step to having a carefree travel experience is making sure you are covered. We specialize in protecting you and your loved ones. Keep yourself protected while traveling this summer by contacting Penny Insurance Agency today.

On the Road Again: RV Insurance

On the Road Again: RV Insurance

Everyone loves the idea of the great American road trip. More and more families are vacationing in their portable homes, more commonly known as RVs. Recreational vehicles (RVs) have grown in popularity as the ideal option for a long road trip. Just like your homes and cars need to be insured, it’s important to insure your RV. When owning a home on wheels, there are going to be several insurance implications that a typical car or home may not have.

Purchasing your RV:
Purchasing an RV may actually be easier than purchasing a car. Recreational vehicles come in assorted sizes and price ranges, making it easy for you to pick the best fit for your family’s needs from a 22-foot Class B to a bus-size luxury vehicle. Options and versatile floor plans make it easy and quick to find a RV that matches your lifestyle and budget. One of the most popular luxury vehicles that RV enthusiasts appreciate are slide outs. They extend the interior living space greatly with the touch of a button. RV’s can have up to four slide outs, allowing for a comfortable interior. Like cars, RV manufacturers are continuing to develop the latest and greatest products to meet the needs of every customer. If you have ATVs, jet skis, motorcycles and/or mountain bikes, toy haulers feature a fold-up ramp on the back that make loading a breeze.

Perks of Traveling via RV:
The Southeast offers a wonderful range of outdoor activities—and it’s not unusual for our clients to own vehicles that allow them to take advantage of it. During these hot summer months, our clients love traveling in their RVs to the beach or mountains. One of the greatest perks of traveling by RV is that you get to take your home with you. RVs are built for comfortable living, dining, sleeping and bathroom space. Most RVs have propane tanks that light the stove and power the refrigerator. Electrical systems run off the RV’s batteries or gas, or diesel- powered generator. Separate water tanks allow for fresh water to be separate from waste water. Fuel prices would have to double for typical RV vacations to cost more than other forms of travel. Saving on air, hotel and restaurant costs offset the cost of fuel.

Factors that determine the type of RV insurance you need:
There are three classes that determine what type of RV insurance to get—A, B and C classes. Class A includes vehicles up to 75 feet long and models such as the luxury coach, converted bus and motor coach. Class B is the smallest class of recreational vehicle, which includes cargo van type designs, travel trailers and camper vans. Class C includes vehicles that use a standard cargo van as the driving portion of the RV with the camper portion extending over the cab area. Class C also covers fifth wheel vehicles. Like all insurance plans here at Penny Insurance Agency, RV insurance is definitely not one size fits all. We work with you to build a custom plan based on the class of your vehicle, how much you use it and whether you will live in the RV full time, among other factors.

Penny Insurance Agency is here to help insure all of your “fun”. Whether it’s on your boat, motorcycle, ATV or RV, we make sure that you’re covered at an affordable rate. We offer outstanding insurance coverage. Not to mention, we can help you combine your “fun” insurance with serious insurance, such as your real home and auto, allowing you to take advantage of discounts that could help save you some serious money. Call us today or fill out the contact form and breath a true sigh of relief as you kick back and enjoy the open road.