You worked hard and now are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Jewelry has always been a great means of celebrating and recognizing success. Some pieces have been passed down through generations while others are rarely worn. Whether your jewelry collection is full of precious family heirlooms or newer, statement gems, taking proper care of it is a must to fully enjoy your pieces and give you peace of mind while they are tucked away. Here are a few simple steps to protect your jewelry:

1. Appraise your jewelry.

Get your jewelry appraised regularly to know the exact value of your pieces. Value fluctuates over the years and people are often shocked to discover how underinsured their pieces are. Here are a few key questions you need to go over with your jewelry appraiser when getting jewelry appraised:

What type of jewelry is it?

What is it made of?

What type of gemstones are used and how are they graded?

You will also want to ensure that you are having a graduate gemologist or diamond gemologist appraising your jewelry. A specialist will be able to more properly gage your jewelry’s worth than a store clerk. Your appraiser should also do a condition check to see if there are any loose prongs or chips in the stone.

2. Properly insure your jewelry.

Accidents happen and, if something were to happen to your jewelry, it could also affect your bank account if you do not have the proper insurance. Whether it be natural wear-and-tear or a missing or stolen piece, you do not have to take a financial loss. Review your policy regularly and be sure to hammer out the specifics prior to an incident.

3. Take care of your jewelry, daily.

Keep your most valuable pieces stored in a secure home safe that has high fire and theft rating or in a bank vault. Should you be traveling, keep your most expensive items with you at all times or stored in a hotel safe (not the one in your room). It is best not to pack jewelry in your luggage or wear pieces to the pool or beach. Be sure to replace broken or scratched watch crystals immediately. Hairline cracks can let dust and moisture into the mechanism that can affect its accuracy. Since diamonds can scratch other gems, remember to store them separately and have the prongs and mountings checked annually to ensure they are securely in place.

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