Our very own Will Penny was recently accepted into a Wharton program for insurance in 2017. Created by Wharton and Chubb in 2014, the Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance (CAPI) program helps agents and brokers serve as trusted advisors to high net-worth clients. The CAPI curriculum consists of six modules related to this mindset, custom insurance solutions, building client relationships, selling, excelling in the high net-worth arena, and sustaining excellence.

This program is a 12 months study, where participants must demonstrate mastery of the curriculum and understanding of high net-worth customers, including their financial affairs, family management and philanthropic activities. According to Ann Marie Champ, Executive Vice President, Sales and Distribution Leader of Chubb Personal Risk Services, “By being more insightful about all the financial dynamics affecting high net-worth families, CAPI agents are in a better position to help customers manage their most significant risk exposures.”

Will will begin the CAPI program in early 2017. We are excited to see how this program enables him to further serve our community in the best way possible. Congratulations, Will!