Thanksgiving bring many familiar sights and sounds: families gathered around the fire place, a kitchen packed with chefs and bakers, and a full table of tasty treats. While the temperature outside may be dropping, things are heating up indoors – both in the kitchen and in living areas. Penny Insurance wants you to stay warm and well-fed, but we’re aware that this is also a season where accidents happen! Check out these helpful tips to keep you safe:


In the home:

  • If you have a wood-burning fireplace, be sure to have your chimney swept prior to use this fall and winter! You can contact a licensed chimney sweep for inspection and maintenance.
  • If you have a gas log fireplace, test your carbon monoxide detectors prior to use. This system should be in place before you turn on your fireplace this season!
  • Test your smoke detectors. Fires can happen not only in the kitchen, but also as a result of candles, overheating combustible materials, or even because of electronics and appliances. Smoke detectors will not only save your loved ones, but also give you plenty of time to contact the fire department to save your home and valuables.


In the kitchen:

  • Clean up spills and messes immediately! Doing a little extra on the front-end will decrease accidents (or slips) later on in the day.
  • Keep loose fabrics, like dishtowels, mitts or even clothing, away from open flames. While you’re cooking at the stove, be aware of where you are standing or placing items.
  • Set a timer – we all get distracted when cooking. Save your dinner, as well as your home, by setting a time to remind you what’s on the stove or in the oven.
  • Have a watcher and helper in the kitchen. When you need to step away, a helper can keep an eye on the pots and pans on the stove and in the oven. While too many cooks in the kitchen can be a bad thing, you definitely can’t do it alone!
  • Test you smoke detectors thoroughly in kitchen spaces. It’s a simple task, but an important one to check off regularly in a room with high fire potential.


We love cool weather, and Penny Insurance wants you to have a warm and safe holidays! We want to make sure you’re enjoying this time of year from the comfort of your own home. Happy Thanksgiving!