“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing.” Family is something to which we can assign no value. Our family is our priceless, prized possession. Sure, we can bear material losses – but the loss or injury of a family member carries an incalculable burden. Unfortunately, the reality is that nearly one million cases of forced or unlawful entry of residences occur every year. More than 58,000 children are victims of stranger or non-family abductions, and roughly 1.4 million people in the United States are stalked. Additionally, almost 35,000 carjackings occur annually. In order to cover the expenditures if you or someone close to you is a victim of these crimes, Family Protection Insurance is essential. Chubb is the first insurer to offer Masterpiece Family Protection coverage, no matter where you call home. Coverage includes:
  • Protection in the event of a home invasion in order to help mitigate medical, psychiatric, home security and other expenses.
  • Child abduction coverage wherever your own children or young guests may be, including reimbursements for related expenses such as travel and phone costs, medical, dental and psychiatric care for the child victim, and a reward for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrator. Access to the Ackerman Group, Inc., a highly regarded international security firm that specializes in crisis mitigation, is also provided.
  • Security coverage in the case of a stalking incident, for expenses such as a professional security consultant, security guard services, security upgrades to your home, and, if necessary, temporary relocation.
  • Carjacking coverage, including expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages, insurance deductibles and a reward to find the perpetrator. The coverage applies to you, a family member or any covered relative who operates or occupies your vehicle.
In many states, Masterpiece Family Protection also includes road rage coverage (for expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages and auto insurance deductible if your vehicle is damaged); air rage or hijacking coverage; changes to your home and vehicle if a family member suffers a permanent physical injury as a consequence of these crimes; and Accidental Death and Disbursement benefits. Protect those you love most. Contact your Penny Insurance agent today to find a family plan that suits your needs.