Penny Insurance Now Offers Pet Insurance

Summer trips usually include family and friends – and notably man’s best friend. We often consider pets special members of our family. Since we love our four-legged friends so much, we should protect and care for them as we would any other loved one. Because of this need, Penny Insurance is now offering Figo Pet Insurance. Pet insurance alleviates financial stress when choosing the best available veterinary care for your pet.

Why do you need pet insurance?

  • With the variety of advanced veterinary specialists and treatments available today, procedures can cost thousands of dollars. You should not have to sacrifice to receive the best medical care for your pet.
  • Figo’s plans average less than $1.50 per day, allowing you peace of mind in knowing your pet will consistently receive the care they deserve.

Sign up is simple and seamless, with outstanding benefits and a variety of plans. Figo is the first cloud-based pet insurance company, with a Pet Cloud and mobile app to easily manage your pet’s life. With the coverage, policy holders can easily check for pet friendly cities, hotels, parks, veterinarians and more in the surrounding area, wherever you may be. Additionally, Figo will reimburse up to 100 percent of your total vet bill with unlimited coverage and no limit on claim payouts.

More coverage highlights include:

  • Three flexible plan options allow you to customize both your reimbursement percentage and annual deductible
  • Veterinary examination fees related to a covered injury or illness are included
  • No “per-condition” deductible – one annual deductible only
  • Expenses such as accidents, emergency and hospitalization, surgeries, prescriptions, hereditary conditions, holistic and alternative therapies, cancer treatments, knee conditions, and much more are included in plans

You can learn more about Figo Pet Insurance online! Then, contact your Penny Insurance agent today to find the plan that matches you and your pet’s lifestyle.