Summer Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Summer Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

With Fourth of July right around the corner, travel is imminent. When making vacation decisions, it is important to keep your pet in mind. Will your pet tag along or be left at home? It is important to choose the option that is best for your pet. If you decide to bring your pet along, follow these tips provided by The Humane Society, for a safe and carefree trip.

  • When traveling by car with pets, dogs should not roam in the car. The safest way for your dog to travel is in a crate anchored to the vehicle in order to prevent distracting the driver or causing an accident.
  • Keep your pet in the back seat of the car. If an airbag deploys while your pet is in the passenger seat, it might injure your pet.
  • Don’t ever leave your pet alone in a car – heat can cause irreversible organ damage or death to a pet.
  • When traveling by airplane with pets, choose the cabin when possible. If your pet must fly in the cargo hold, use direct flights, if possible, and notify the captain in order to ensure a safe trip.

In order to further protect your pet during a trip, Pet Insurance is a great option to consider. Penny Insurance now offers Figo Pet Insurance. With Figo, managing your pet’s life during a trip has never been easier. The Pet Cloud feature allows you to store your pet’s documents and medical records in one easy folder, which can be accessed wherever you go. Additionally, the app features a map to efficiently find parks, veterinarians, pet stores, groomers, daycare and more in your surrounding area. You can receive an accurate and easy-to-use GPS pet location service to track your pet’s movement and get real-time alerts when your pet is outside of the safe zone.

Contact your Penny Insurance agent today to find out more about Figo or click here to receive a direct quote!

Giving Back to Our Community

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” –Kathy Calvin, CEO and President of the United Nations Foundation

Have you been considering donating to a charity, or looking for a new way to give back to your community? With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is often easiest to simply write a check and return to your normal routine. While giving monetarily to nonprofits is very important, it can be equally beneficial to give the gift of your time. Whether you are looking to donate money or give through volunteer service, offerings of all types are greatly appreciated by those in need.

There are many opportunities available to give. You may choose to donate to a national group, your favorite local organization, or even directly to those in need. Other options include participating in fundraisers, weekly volunteering and service opportunities. Service opportunities are a great way to connect with friends, family and colleagues, and allow you to contribute using your personal skill sets, career training and talents. Fiscal giving not only allows tax-deductible donations, but it is also a satisfying deed in knowing you are helping others.

Penny Insurance strongly believes in giving back to our community. We are proud to announce that we will be participating in the Walnut Cove Members Association fundraiser at the Cliffs at Walnut Cove on Tuesday, June 14. Penny Insurance will sponsor a four-member team in the golf tournament, and prior to the tournament, we will host a pre-dinner cocktail party on June 10 in partnership with Roberto Coin. These fundraising events benefit various local nonprofits in the Asheville and Hendersonville area.

We look forward to see everyone on the links!

Penny Insurance Now Offers Pet Insurance

Penny Insurance Now Offers Pet Insurance

Summer trips usually include family and friends – and notably man’s best friend. We often consider pets special members of our family. Since we love our four-legged friends so much, we should protect and care for them as we would any other loved one. Because of this need, Penny Insurance is now offering Figo Pet Insurance. Pet insurance alleviates financial stress when choosing the best available veterinary care for your pet.

Why do you need pet insurance?

  • With the variety of advanced veterinary specialists and treatments available today, procedures can cost thousands of dollars. You should not have to sacrifice to receive the best medical care for your pet.
  • Figo’s plans average less than $1.50 per day, allowing you peace of mind in knowing your pet will consistently receive the care they deserve.

Sign up is simple and seamless, with outstanding benefits and a variety of plans. Figo is the first cloud-based pet insurance company, with a Pet Cloud and mobile app to easily manage your pet’s life. With the coverage, policy holders can easily check for pet friendly cities, hotels, parks, veterinarians and more in the surrounding area, wherever you may be. Additionally, Figo will reimburse up to 100 percent of your total vet bill with unlimited coverage and no limit on claim payouts.

More coverage highlights include:

  • Three flexible plan options allow you to customize both your reimbursement percentage and annual deductible
  • Veterinary examination fees related to a covered injury or illness are included
  • No “per-condition” deductible – one annual deductible only
  • Expenses such as accidents, emergency and hospitalization, surgeries, prescriptions, hereditary conditions, holistic and alternative therapies, cancer treatments, knee conditions, and much more are included in plans

You can learn more about Figo Pet Insurance online! Then, contact your Penny Insurance agent today to find the plan that matches you and your pet’s lifestyle.

Jewelry Insurance: A Policy Worth Every Penny

Jewelry Insurance: A Policy Worth Every Penny

By now, you probably know that valuable items are not fully covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Most agents will advise you to purchase valuable items insurance to cover items of significant value – whether they be family heirlooms or recent purchases.

Just as you would cover your car, you can also take a policy out on jewelry! If your jewelry is lost, it would mostly likely not be covered under your normal policy. By purchasing jewelry insurance, you can ensure your valuables are properly covered.

Whether you currently have a policy or you are getting ready to purchase coverage, you should have your jewelry appraised regularly. We suggest at least once every five years – changing market conditions, fluctuation of the credit market, and wavering domestic and foreign currency rates all have an impact on the value of jewelry. The more expensive the item, the more often you should get your appraisal re-evaluated. For all appraisals and evaluations, be sure you are using a professional jeweler with a graduate diamond or gemologist certification. Many insurance providers, like Chubb, can recommend qualified jewelers and appraise within their preferred services networks.

After your jewelry has been appraised, you can line up a policy for your valuables. There are several different options for policies, as well as additional insurance protection to safeguard against price fluctuations. A common misconception is jewelry insurance will be expensive. In fact, these policies are typically only one to two percent of the appraised value, with providers like Chubb offering incentives for jewelry stored in a vault. You can also choose between itemized coverage or blanket coverage depending on your inventory. Your Penny Insurance agent will be able to guide you to what coverage would be best for your valuable items.

Jewelry insurance is a great investment to safeguard your precious pieces. The process to insure pieces is not length and will save you a lot of heartache on the backend. Even with advances in home security technology, all valuables are potentially at risk. While we may not be able to recover your jewelry after it is lost, you will at least have the piece of mind that your investment is safe with jewelry insurance.