Freedom is something teens long for, and driving is a major way teens can achieve this freedom. Though passing a driver’s test can be exciting, it can be an anxiety-filled time for parents. This worry may come from the fact that teens are more likely than any other age group to be killed in a car crash. People aged 15-24 only represent 14 percent of the population, but they account for approximately 30 percent of total costs of car injuries.

By practicing these tips from Chubb Insurance, IIHS and the CDC, you as a parent can help your teen become a safer driver.

  • Take an active role in driver education. Parents should guide their teen’s learning process. You can help supervise as they learn driving skills and become familiar with road conditions.
  • Restrict non-essential nighttime driving as much as possible. The rate of teen drivers getting into fatal crashes is about 4 times higher at night.
  • Safety in the car means limiting passengers until a teen is ready. Passengers can be a distraction, so set parameters with your teen that promote safe behavior. Also remember to teach your teen to be a respectful passenger.
  • Buckling up is a must. Approximately 55 percent of high school students report wearing a seat belt , and 56 percent of teens in fatal crashes were not wearing a seat belt at the time.
  • No teen should be drinking under the age of 21, and they most certainly should never get behind the wheel. Drinking and driving is dangerous for everyone on the road.