Home Insurance Series: Security Solutions

For homeowners and tenants, protecting their loved ones, home and valuables is of utmost importance. Thoughtful planning can make a big difference in burglary prevention, and includes items beyond installing a security system for your home. Here are some starter tips Chubb Insurance recommends:

  • Lock all doors and windows. It may seem like a no brainer, but a number of homeowners neglect to make sure doors and windows are locked when they leave the home. Also, routine checks should be done to ensure all locks are functioning.
  • Install programmable timing devices for interior and exterior lights. According to Chubb, a well illuminated home is less of a target. Motion sensors are preferable outdoors to help with illumination.
  • If your home is protected by a security system, display a sign to deter burglars. Eight out of ten burglars will not rob a home with a sign posted.
  • Store valuables and important documents in a safe or vault. The best kinds of safes are permanently fastened to the floor and fireproof. Very important documents and items may also be more secure in a bank vault or security box.
  • If you’re planning on leaving town, make sure your car is locked and all valuables properly stored inside your home. Chubb suggests leaving a car in the driveway to discourage burglars.

Above all, be careful what you post on social media. Pictures of your home should only be shared so that family and close friends can see them, and avoid posting about leaving town. All of these simple tasks can go a long way in protecting what you love the most!

Over the next weeks, Penny Insurance will share other tips for your home, courtesy of Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.