The Basics of Business Insurance

Thinking about starting your own small business? Opening your own business can be exciting, rewarding, and let’s face it, downright scary. You put a lot of time and money on the line in an effort to pursue a goal or a dream, and it can all seem fine when things go well. But the truth is, sometimes everything doesn’t work out exactly as you plan. Business or commercial insurance can help protect you when life throws you a curveball, and can keep you afloat when you might have otherwise had to shut down.

Watch the video above to learn the basics of business insurance. When you’re ready to learn more, give one of our agents a call.

Why We Love Our Local Hendersonville and Tryon Communitites

Why We Love Our Local Hendersonville and Tryon Communitites

Main StInsurance agents have the ability to work from anywhere in the country. Not only is insurance a universal need no matter where you live, but in this day and age many have found ways to telecommute and serve a large area from a distant office. At Penny Insurance Agency, however, we have found that not only do we enjoy serving our local community of Hendersonville, Tryon and the surrounding areas, but we also believe in the value of serving customers from an office that is right down the road from where they work, live and play.

In the world of smart phones and tablets, it’s not uncommon to hear other agencies advertise the ability to interact solely through mobile communication. However, we enjoy turning off the Facetime app on our phones and instead, sitting down with our clients in person to have actual face time. By meeting in person, our clients feel comfortable asking questions without feeling rushed. Our clients know that they can always just stop by our office in Hendersonville or Tryon to find an answer, that they don’t have to sit on hold for hours on end waiting for an operator with a script to finally pick up the phone. It may be an “old” way of doing things, but we think it works just fine. (more…)

Homeowners Insurance 101

Whether you’re thinking about buying your first starter home in Hendersonville, or are upgrading to a large estate in Tryon, there are many things to consider when deciding how to insure it. When determining the cost to rebuild, or if you should include flood insurance, or deciding if you have enough liability insurance, the various options can seem overwhelming. To learn the basics of homeowners’ insurance, watch the video above.

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