Independent AgentWhen choosing an insurance plan, there are so many important decisions to make, and you seldom feel as if you’re informed well enough to make them. Many insurance customers end up buying insurance based on price, hoping the money they’re paying will provide them with all the coverage they need, or that they’re saving themselves money in the long run with the cheapest plan.

The process of protecting your family can quickly become complicated, frustrating, and worrisome. But an independent agent can lift those loads in several ways.

You may actually know your independent agent. He could be the father of your son’s classmate. She could be the girl’s little league coach. Independent agents usually live right within your community, support it, and are available for help without the long telephone or online hold times.

An independent agent stays in business by keeping customers happy. You’ll soon be used to receiving follow-up calls and even visits to be sure you’re satisfied with your coverage or the resolution of a claim. Unlike larger, national companies, when you benefit from your insurance coverage, your agent benefits.

You’ll have more choices than you knew were available. Because independent agents are not bound to any particular insurance provider, you’ll have the luxury of choosing from several different companies.

And because your agent is working for your benefit, the confusion so many choices can cause is eliminated. Your agent has done all the research, and is willing to educate you about every viable option.

There’s no need to change agencies to suit your circumstances. The lack of ties to a single provider keeps your agency flexible enough to offer you coverage choices that make sense each time your life changes.

The advantage of staying with the same independent agent for the long haul? You can actually build real relationships with agents local to your community who know you by name.

Insurance can be complicated to navigate, and the lack of trust most people have for the industry is not made better by the impersonal service many large insurance companies provide. Independent insurance agents can reduce guesswork, save you money, and create community-building relationships national companies simply can’t. Call and ask about how you can put an agent to work for you.