Having a Safe and Happy Halloween

Having a Safe and Happy Halloween

Fall is now in full swing, and the holiday season is right around the corner. Halloween kicks off this festive time of year with a night of tricks and treats. Now is a great opportunity to discuss how to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe and happy on the year’s most spooky night!

Keeping your children and family safe:

  • Walk safely. This includes crossing the street using traffic signals and crosswalks, teaching children to look both ways prior to crossing, and putting electronic devices down so you are alert while in the presence of vehicles and others.
  • Keep costumes creative and safe. Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers, have children carry a flashlight, and choose face paint over masks to prevent obstructing your or your child’s vision.
  • Review or create an emergency plan. Remind your children to call 9-1-1 or their local emergency number if they ever have an emergency or become lost.
  • Parents should always accompany young children. If older children are going alone, plan and review an acceptable route and time they should return home.

Keeping your home and property safe:

  • Remove potential hazards from your yard. Items such as garden hoses, toys, bikes and lawn decorations could cause a child to trip or get injured.
  • Check outdoor lighting. Make sure your outdoor lights are working and replace any burned-out bulbs.
  • Restrain your pets. Make sure your pets cannot come near trick-or-treaters so they do not inadvertently jump on, bite, or injure a trick-or-treater.

Bonus tips:

  • Drive extra safely on Halloween. Slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods, enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully, and eliminate any distractions inside your vehicle.
  • Schedule a security system tune-up. This will ensure your belongings are being adequately monitored on Halloween night. Additionally, make sure your valuables are stored in a safe place.
  • If you are having a Halloween party, keep safety in mind. Confirm adult beverages are out of reach of children and valuables are locked away. If dry ice is used, make sure none is consumed by party guests.

Halloween doesn’t have to be a frightful night if you follow these safety tips! And don’t forget – our Penny Insurance agents are here to discuss any policy questions you have so that you rest easy this and every night.

Penny Insurance Now Offers Chubb Masterpiece Family Protection

Penny Insurance Now Offers Chubb Masterpiece Family Protection

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing.”

Family is something to which we can assign no value. Our family is our priceless, prized possession. Sure, we can bear material losses – but the loss or injury of a family member carries an incalculable burden. Unfortunately, the reality is that nearly one million cases of forced or unlawful entry of residences occur every year. More than 58,000 children are victims of stranger or non-family abductions, and roughly 1.4 million people in the United States are stalked. Additionally, almost 35,000 carjackings occur annually.

In order to cover the expenditures if you or someone close to you is a victim of these crimes, Family Protection Insurance is essential. Chubb is the first insurer to offer Masterpiece Family Protection coverage, no matter where you call home. Coverage includes:

  • Protection in the event of a home invasion in order to help mitigate medical, psychiatric, home security and other expenses.
  • Child abduction coverage wherever your own children or young guests may be, including reimbursements for related expenses such as travel and phone costs, medical, dental and psychiatric care for the child victim, and a reward for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrator. Access to the Ackerman Group, Inc., a highly regarded international security firm that specializes in crisis mitigation, is also provided.
  • Security coverage in the case of a stalking incident, for expenses such as a professional security consultant, security guard services, security upgrades to your home, and, if necessary, temporary relocation.
  • Carjacking coverage, including expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages, insurance deductibles and a reward to find the perpetrator. The coverage applies to you, a family member or any covered relative who operates or occupies your vehicle.

In many states, Masterpiece Family Protection also includes road rage coverage (for expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages and auto insurance deductible if your vehicle is damaged); air rage or hijacking coverage; changes to your home and vehicle if a family member suffers a permanent physical injury as a consequence of these crimes; and Accidental Death and Disbursement benefits.

Protect those you love most. Contact your Penny Insurance agent today to find a family plan that suits your needs.


Machinery Mishaps: More Than Just Nuts and Bolts

Machinery Mishaps: More Than Just Nuts and Bolts

No one wants to spend the summertime dealing with a broken air-conditioning system, with no way to escape the heat and a substantial repair price along with it. Unfortunately, mechanical breakdowns are pretty unpredictable…and are not covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. Mechanical breakdowns occur most often in household machinery such as pumps, fans, engines, motors, generators, hot water heaters, air-conditioning systems, refrigeration units and automatic sprinkler system controls – things that are pretty important to have this time of the year!

Machinery breakdown losses can go beyond just the repair or replacement cost of your equipment. Additional coverage may be needed to include indirect losses. Extra Expense coverage can be added to pay for the costs incurred for temporary repairs and increased expenses necessary to maintain your standard of living in the event of a breakdown. Machinery Breakdown policies, through providers like Chubb, include coverage for the mechanical breakdown on one policy with one limit and one deductible to supplement your homeowner’s policy. With these policies, your home and contents are protected against:

  • Losses due to steam explosion, mechanical breakdown or electric arcing
  • Losses to property for those in your care, custody or control
  • Repair or replacement costs for damaged property
  • Defense against a claim or suit alleging liability under the policy

Don’t risk losing your vital home machines! Contact us today to find out how you can help protect your home and possessions against loss from mechanical failure with Machinery Breakdown insurance.

Do You Need Excess Liability Insurance?

Do You Need Excess Liability Insurance?

In a perfect world, our regular homeowners or auto insurance coverage would protect us from all liability. Our coverage would shield us from unexpected incidents and truly safeguard our assets and lifestyle as long as we met our payment deadlines. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in claims that are not covered under your primary liability limit. These claims involve scenarios that occur in everyday life – not a one-off incident or freak accident.

For example, one claim involved a man being attacked by his neighbor’s three dogs while he was taking his trash out. The dogs had escaped through an open gate, and the attack resulted in the man sustaining multiple leg lacerations and a lower back injury. A court in Florida awarded $7.7 million in its judgment against the dog owners.

In New York, a court awarded $8.9 Million to a heating and cooling service technician who fell through the floor of an attic after completing his work. The technician fell nearly 20 feet and sustained injuries to his back, hand, foot, ribs, shoulder and wrist.

These situations are not shared to scare you, or to pressure you into increasing your coverage. Penny Insurance agents seek to educate our clients on the possible risks even if your home and auto is fully insured. In these scenarios, adequate liability limits can help protect you for unforeseeable circumstances and prevent a liability judgment against you. In our modern world, excess liability insurance is become more prevalent and necessary to protect your lifestyle, your assets and your family.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Penny Insurance agent today!

Summer Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Summer Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

With Fourth of July right around the corner, travel is imminent. When making vacation decisions, it is important to keep your pet in mind. Will your pet tag along or be left at home? It is important to choose the option that is best for your pet. If you decide to bring your pet along, follow these tips provided by The Humane Society, for a safe and carefree trip.

  • When traveling by car with pets, dogs should not roam in the car. The safest way for your dog to travel is in a crate anchored to the vehicle in order to prevent distracting the driver or causing an accident.
  • Keep your pet in the back seat of the car. If an airbag deploys while your pet is in the passenger seat, it might injure your pet.
  • Don’t ever leave your pet alone in a car – heat can cause irreversible organ damage or death to a pet.
  • When traveling by airplane with pets, choose the cabin when possible. If your pet must fly in the cargo hold, use direct flights, if possible, and notify the captain in order to ensure a safe trip.

In order to further protect your pet during a trip, Pet Insurance is a great option to consider. Penny Insurance now offers Figo Pet Insurance. With Figo, managing your pet’s life during a trip has never been easier. The Pet Cloud feature allows you to store your pet’s documents and medical records in one easy folder, which can be accessed wherever you go. Additionally, the app features a map to efficiently find parks, veterinarians, pet stores, groomers, daycare and more in your surrounding area. You can receive an accurate and easy-to-use GPS pet location service to track your pet’s movement and get real-time alerts when your pet is outside of the safe zone.

Contact your Penny Insurance agent today to find out more about Figo or click here to receive a direct quote!